Bank-Owned Properties

Bank-Owned Properties May Help You Reach The American Dream – First Time Buyers & Military

Now is an incredible time to buy your first home. It has become a buyer’s market, and many great opportunities are available for the savvy buyer. One option to consider is bank-owned properties. Bank-owned properties are houses that the previous owner could not afford, and the bank was forced to take it back. Banks do not want to keep their money tied up in houses and are willing to take a monetary loss in order to sell these properties. What this means for you is incredible savings!

We proudly support the military and their families. If you are considering buying your first home, we would be glad to sit down with you to figure out exactly what you are looking for. We will walk you through the process of buying and explain what you can expect in the current housing market. We are always sensitive to your budget and will seek to help you get a piece of the American pie at a price you can afford. We keep constant tabs on bank-owned properties and encourage our first time buyers and military customers to consider these properties as a great way to get into a home at a low cost.

We are also knowledgeable about the many government assistant programs that exist for current members of the military, veterans and first time home buyers. The U.S. Government recently passed a very important housing bill that affects many aspects of the business and could make owning a home more affordable then ever. We are happy to explain all these programs and help you take advantage of them.

Contact us today to hear about all the exciting opportunities available for military and first time home buyers. Now is the time to live the American Dream.